Women’s Tennis Registration

Old Willow has several women’s teams competing against other clubs at various levels of play. Players new to the club and unsure of where they might fit into league play should meet with our club pro for an evaluation of their game, and appropriate assignment to a team. For more information please contact our Club Pro.


  • Please select the team you are registering for below
  • Registration for a team does not guarantee a spot on the team’s roster. All applications are reviewed by the team captain and club pro.
  • Five teams at various levels from beginner to advanced. All teams play weekdays during the day. $350 OWC team fee (includes 10 drills), $60 League fee
  • 2021 Season drills start week of May 17, matches run weekly May 25 - July 23. Please indicate your preferred level of commitment.
  • Are you willing to be a team Captain?