Membership Sponsor

Old Willow Club accepts new members by invitation only. As a new member Sponsor, you must know the applicants well. They may not be merely acquaintances or neighbors that you have heard about. You may sponsor only three applicants at any given time, and must have completed at least one full summer as a member before you can sponsor a new member.

Membership to Old Willow Club must be registered to a single person, defined by the Club and on this form, as “applicant“. The applicant’s spouse and children (if applicable) will be Club members, but listed as dependents of the designated applicant. Please be certain to designate the correct person as “applicant“. The applicant’s name on this form must match the applicant’s name on their Membership Application.


  • Applicant
  • Applicant's Spouse
  • How long have you known the applicant?
  • How often do you see the applicant?
  • Do you know of any special interests or talents that the applicants have?
  • Why do you feel this person/family would be an asset to Old Willow Club?
  • Have you been to their home?
  • Have they been to your home?
  • Is your relationship business or personal
  • Please indicate whether you are the Initiating Sponsor or a Secondary Sponsor:
  • As the initiating sponsor, I have taken the applicant and spouse on a personal tour of Old Willow Club (Please list the date of the tour in the field below). I will take the applicant to the New Member Party once they have accepted the invitation for membership. I will review the New Member Information, Club Rules and Procedures, and Club By-Laws with the applicant before the start of their first season as a member.

  • Application for membership does not guarantee membership to Old Willow Club. Applications cannot be processed and reviewed until the application fee and all sponsorship forms have been received.

    As a sponsor of the applicant listed in this sponsor form, I verify that I know the applicant well. I believe that the applicant will:
    • be an asset to Old Willow Club
    • abide by the Rules and By-Laws of Old Willow Club
    • respect all members and Club etiquette
    • volunteer to help with Club activities and events when called upon